Verification Statement Requirements

Verification Statement Requirements

  • Intern satisfactorily completes all supervised practice hours as required by the NutraCo Dietetic Internship Program.
  • Demonstrates achievement of ACEND’s core competencies as evidenced by a passing evaluation by all preceptors.
  • Successfully fulfills all program requirements and assignments.
  • Completion of a graduate degree program; must provide final, official transcripts.
  • Receipt of a signed Verification Statement from the Internship Director. If enrolled in a graduate degree program: Unless there are extenuating circumstances that have been approved in writing by the DI Program Director, all students must complete the affiliated graduate degree program and DI within 150% of the planned program length to be issued a Verification Statement. Students enrolled in a student-identified graduate program must complete the DI and graduate degree within 150% of the planned program length (12 months total).
  • Eligibility status to sit for the CDR credentialing exam for RDNs.
  • Graduates are expected to fill entry-level positions as competent registered dietitian nutritionists and pass the CDR credentialing exam for RDNs post-graduation.

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Accreditation Information

NutraCo Dietetic Internship is currently granted full accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics