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Why Choose NutraCo Dietetic Internship?

  • Flexible rotation schedules
  • Rotations completed in your desired location
  • Assistance with securing rotation sites and preceptors
  • Prior assessed learning credit available
  • Three concentration options to choose from
  • Networking opportunities with dietitians across the country
  • Multiple graduate degree options available
  • RDN exam preparation resources provided
  • Job opportunities with NutraCo upon graduation

Our number one goal is ensuring the success of our interns in preparing them for a career in nutrition and dietetics.
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A Day in the Life of a NutraCo Dietetic Internship Intern/Graduate and Beyond:

NutraCo Dietetic Internship

NutraCo Dietetic Internship is a distance dietetic internship program inviting all eligible dietetic students nationwide to apply. As an intern in our program, you will have the convenience and flexibility of completing your internship in your local area while achieving your eligibility status to take the Commission on Dietetic Registrations (CDR) credentialing exam for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN). NutraCo Dietetic Internship offers a full-time, 8-month non-degree track along with a number of options to complete the DI, along with an affiliated or student-identified graduate degree program. If an intern is enrolled in an affiliated graduate degree program, the planned program length varies – please see the information on the graduate degree program options for details. Prior Assessed Learning is also available for any applicants that have prior nutrition and dietetics related experiences.

NutraCo Dietetic Internship applicants and interns have the option of choosing one of the following affiliated graduate degree programs listed below:

The University of Alabama – Master of Science in Human Nutrition
Middle Tennessee State University – Master of Professional Studies – Leadership in Nutrition
University of South Florida – Master of Public Health – Concentration in Nutrition and Dietetics
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science – Master of Science – multiple program options available
CUNY Queens College – Master of Science – Nutrition and Exercise Sciences – Nutrition Specialization *This listing does not imply any endorsement by CUNY or Queens College.*
West Chester University 
Master of Science – Community Nutrition
Graceland University 
Master of Science – Nutrition and Human Performance
For additional information regarding our affiliated graduate degree programs, please see the “Affiliated Graduate Degree Programs” Tab.Applicants may also be enrolled in a student-identified graduate program in which no more than 18 credits are left to complete when starting the supervised practice rotations.

Accepted interns will choose one of three program concentrations:

  1. Long Term Care
  2. Medical Nutrition Therapy or
  3. Wellness Promotion

Our main concentration focus is Long Term Care. We see a rising increase in the demand for dietitian nutritionists for this industry due to the Baby Boomer generation reaching age 65 and we would like to be the solution to fill this anticipated rise in demand.

Our aim is to position our graduates to fill the projected overall increased need for competent RDNs as outlined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Outlook: “Employment of dietitians and nutritionists is projected to grow 11% percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations”

As a NutraCo Dietetic Internship graduate, you will be poised for a rewarding career in dietetics through your supervised practice experiences and the relationships you develop through our program. You may pursue career opportunities in a variety of settings. Entry-level nutrition and dietetic positions available to you include working in hospitals, long term care facilities, food service departments, school food service programs, corporate wellness programs, sports nutrition, private practice, community and public health settings. You are encouraged to apply for an amazing career opportunity at NutraCo.

Interns at their rotation sites and practicing the Nutrition Focused Physical Exam

Intern Testimonials

I’ll be honest, when I was looking through multiple internship programs I was nervous about picking a distance internship program. They can be a lot of work to set up, but when I found NutraCo Dietetic Internship I knew I wanted to intern with them right away. Not only were they able to provide me with some of my rotation sites, but they also assisted me in securing the remainder of my sites. After meeting the DI team at orientation, I was blown away by the empathy and self-care which they promoted. It has provided me with skills which I don’t feel I would have gained in a traditional internship. I was able to set up rotation sites specifically in my interests and strengthened my willpower and leadership through the challenge of setting up my own sites. It was hard work, but with the help of the NutraCo Dietetic Internship team I learned anything is possible.


Jessica S., PA

I truly believe that the NutraCo Dietetic Internship has helped to fill the void in the limited number of distance programs available in New Jersey. I enjoyed my experience with the internship program and I am grateful for all of those who have helped me during this journey. I truly appreciate the one-on-one time with the program faculty. The positive attitude made the experience all the more enjoyable. The distance internship allowed me to work within my home state with preceptors whom I have already developed a relationship with. My preceptors and the internship team were very supportive. I truly felt as though they wanted me to succeed.


Kristen W., NJ

The NutraCo Dietetic Internship has exceeded all of my expectations. The program allows you to complete your rotations in your local area. The NutraCo DI team and my preceptors have pushed me to succeed and believe in myself as a future Registered Dietitian. They’ve also held me to a higher standard so that I can be a successful professional that is ready to make a difference in this world.

Erin B., PA

Being a part of NutraCo DI’s class of interns has been both an honor and a privilege. NutraCo DI has an innovative and caring team available to assist at all times. They provide a hands on and personal connection with each of the interns. Choosing the NutaCo DI program has provided me with the leadership skills necessary to become a diversified Registered Dietitian. I know my success has been contingent upon this experience.

Alexandra C., NY

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Accreditation Information

NutraCo Dietetic Internship is currently granted full accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics